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Are you looking for a residential or commercial cleaning service that specializes in carpet cleaning?  Welcome to Best-Way Rug and Furniture Cleaners!  We are a professional carpet cleaner that has been in the industry for over 80 years.  As a licensed carpet cleaning company, we are a dedicated group of experts whose goal is to provide you with a cleaner and bacteria free carpet.  When people in the area look for carpet cleaners, the first company that they turn to is ours. 

You have probably seen our carpet cleaning van in your neighborhood.  And as our truck says, “Look at your rugs…everyone else does.”

Steam Cleaning


Utilizing steam cleaning along with pre-spraying, pre-spotting and pre-stain treating all of your problem stains. We get rid of dirt, debris, and other contaminants found in your carpet. Our cleaning process leaves zero residue.


From food, kids and pets, carpets can trap all sorts of odors. Our in-depth cleaning methods don’t just mask the odors trapped in your carpet, It removes them at the source giving your home a renewed welcoming feel. 


Preserve your carpets longevity. Cleaning your carpet and applying a protector aids in the prevention of damage from spills and dirt. Protecting your carpets extends the results of every carpet cleaning job.

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